Our Mission

Moulding Young Minds with Compassion & Care

Education is the foundation for overall growth. The mission of the school is to lay a strong foundation for a sound education by imparting instruction in values, besides the regular academic curriculum with the ideals of Sri Sathya Sai Baba: Truth, Right Conduct, Peace, Love and Non-Violence. To train children to lead a life of righteousness and high moral methods besides being self-reliant. The young mind of children is compared to wet clay. It has to be moulded well. Here the moulding is done by the teachers with love and concern for the integral development of children.

Mere academics are not enough for the holistic growth. Besides the challenging academic curriculum, the school also lays stress on the indispensable aspects of personality development, through training in yoga, meditation, universal prayer, confidence–building skills like public speaking, art & craft, dramatics, dance, music and community service. A student thus becomes an all-rounder. This helps students to be-optimistic, active volunteers in the society’s welfare and ultimately good citizens of the country and good human beings of the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a system of education which is complete in itself. And to assist the students to acquire self-knowledge and self-confidence, so as to cultivate self-sacrifice and earn self-realization; thereby moulding them into leaders who will benefit society. To train the students to develop into persons of integrity and character, as embodiments of truth, justice; and to confer on them the courage to stand up against injustice, indiscipline, immorality and falsehood.

Our Philosophy

Sai schools are established to enable students to make them acquire good traits, lead ideal lives, and give them ethical, moral and spiritual strength. Our school is established with a view to teach good qualities to students. They will learn here humility, discipline and faith.

Our school is established also to impart spiritual education. Education should enable one to cultivate good qualities, character and devotion. In our school, teachers and students will grow together in love and wisdom; it will develop in its students a broad outlook and promote virtues and morals.